What is the Best Way to Make Money Online

Make Money Fast and Safe is always researching the latest platforms, programs and people (gurus) that claim to have the best way to make money online. In 2018, 10 years after the creation, this is still one (if not, the best) to begin an online passive income generator.

Making Money Online Platforms

Get an education for free to begin! This is correct, to begin at Wealthy Affiliate is free. It includes to free websites. The first month is a discounted $19. After the initial trail period it is $49 per month or $359 per year. The price is all-inclusive and includes everything needed to create, grow and scale a businesses to any level online.

Here is how your journey could look, a realistic journey with writing posts and working on your site DAILY.

  • MONTH 1: Earning Potential: A few sales, just getting your business foundation started
  • MONTH 3: Earning Potential: $0-$500 per month
  • MONTH 6: Earning Potential: $500-$3,000 per month
  • ONE YEAR:  Earning Potential: $3,000-$10,000 per month
  • TWO YEARS:  Earning Potential: $10,000-$20,000 per moth
  • 5 YEARS:  Earning Potential: $10,000-$50,000 per month

How to make money online fast

Create Your Online Business

Wealthy Affilate offers 2 ways to create an online business. You can choose to build a site to promote the platform or you can build your own brand. You can even do both which is what many of the people do. There are thousands of people within the community willing to help you along step by step. The support here is major, it’s not like at college where everyone is competing, it’s very open and friendly. Almost communal.

They also have their own tech support team who is on call for 24 hours/ 7 days a week/ 365 days per year.

Grow Your Online Business

There is an in-site keyword tool included free. Here you can research business ideas, come up with ideas for blog posts and article content. The tool ranks keyword choices and categorizes them by rank to help you select low-hanging fruit. You may very well find the next million dollar idea here.

There are guides to help you write. It seems everyone says they have a difficult time writing, but once they put their fingers on the keyboard off they go creating a 1,200 word post in no time. They have an online editor for you to use, for FREE! this is invaluable. It corrects grammar, spelling and sentence structure. It offers suggestions and keeps track of your word count, paragraphs and headings. It grades your ‘paper’ before you publish it live!

How to make money online fast

Scale Your Business

Let us presume you build your first site promoting Wealthy Affiliate and follow that course to the end. You have a couple of people who join you through your affiliate link. Now the monthly cost is taken care of through the commissions that you earn. This is when you scale your online business. You create a site around a topic that is fascinating to you. It could be a hobby, a topic, something that you could talk about for days. This is where you will want to begin building a site based on this content.

You create a site on photography for example. You can compare cameras- pop in your affiliate link to Amazon or another source. People are now buying products off your site! You are making commissions off these products! You begin selling your photographs as stock photos with links to affiliates.

There are over 560 million different products that anyone can promote in the world. Everyone is looking to buy something. It doesn’t even have to be glamorous. There is a lady at Wealthy Affiliate that makes a second income by selling socks. Crazy right?!

You now have 2 income streams where 4 to 6 months before, you had no extra income streams of revenue.

If you need more reasons to join… keep on reading.

How to make money online fast

Reasons to Join Wealthy Affiliate

1. Success is Posted DAILY

...After 2 full days of work on my website it just got indexed on Google! I feel so proud of myself! I never thought that creating a website would be so exciting and….

…After weeks of seeing my articles jump on and off the Bing and Yahoo rankings, Google finally ranked one of my articles! That’s just what I needed to give me the……

…I quit my day job. I’m going to be going full-time starting in October. I’ve got my home office all set up and I’m working on making a set schedule for things like content posting and writing. I’m really excited to be taking this huge step and I can’t wait to be able to put everything into WA and my websites.

…Basically overnight I went from making less than $100 per month to making enough to see the light. I’m so excited right now, I don’t know what to do. I have worked so hard for so many hours.

2. Cost is FREE and if you Join it’s Less than a $1 /day

So may ‘gurus’ are charging phenomenal rates. $4,000 is common – all in the hopes that you won’t follow through and they won’t have to deliver. If you do follow through, support is minimal, profits for you are small and return on investment is never reached.

Wealthy Affiliate wants you to succeed. It’s not ‘get rich quick’ it’s earning your success. It’s grabbing your freedom. It’s your learning to empower yourself.

wealthy affiliate membership

3. Ongoing Weekly Live Training

Ongoing training is included in the cost. There are NO upsells at Wealthy Affiliate. This is an amazing product in itself. There are no ‘gurus’ yelling and shouting. No one is self-serving. These are honest, good, down-to-earth people that you would want to introduce your friends to, have over for dinner and they will communicate and help you.

4. Current, Up-to-the-Minute Hosting is Included in the Price

This alone will save you thousands a year. SSL is included as well as speed and site health. These 3 products alone will jump you ahead of your competition! Did we say it’s included in the price? Bandwidth beats the cometition and there are unlimited emails.

Begin the ‘Rest of Your Life’ Now

If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate or any other question about making money online, please comment below. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

==========>>> You can sign up here!

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17 thoughts on “What is the Best Way to Make Money Online”

  • Hi,
    Thanks for sharing a good article about how I can start working from home.
    It’s good to get good information about a place on the internet where I can learn how I can make money working from home, as this is one of my goals for this year.
    It looks like Wealthy Affiliate can provide me a few ways to make money while I learn to build up my own website and this is quite interesting for me.
    How long will it take for a blogger to quite its job?

    • Thank you, Alejandra! We appreciate this! Here is an answer to your question. 

      Here is how your journey could look, a realistic journey with writing posts and working on your site DAILY.

      MONTH 1: Earning Potential: A few sales, just getting your business foundation startedMONTH 3: Earning Potential: $0-$500 per monthMONTH 6: Earning Potential: $500-$3,000 per monthONE YEAR:  Earning Potential: $3,000-$10,000 per monthTWO YEARS:  Earning Potential: $10,000-$20,000 per moth5 YEARS:  Earning Potential: $10,000-$50,000 per month

  • Hello there! I’m a college student and I’ve been searching for a way to earn extra money online. I’m scared to make money online because I’ve been scammed before and I know there’s a lot more. I heard great things about wealthy affiliate, but I’m still scare to try it. Is there any guarantee that I could get my money back if I invest it into wealthy affiliate? I really appreciate your response.

    • Hi John, thank you for your comment. In reply to your question, you can try WA for Free for as long as you want. Once you begin building your site, researching your niche and following the step-by-step training; you will be able to ascertain if WA is the correct fit for you. If you have any questions, please reach out to me.

  • Hi,
    When I read your article I really want to work hard on being my own boss and achieve the same state as you have.
    Personally, I believe many readers will give wealthy affiliate a try after reading your lines. A dream of many people, I suppose is working independently from home.
    If you would have some other pictures put in, that would generate other emotions too, I cannot explain myself better, this article would be an eye-catcher for me.
    Nonetheless, super informative.
    You also wrote that many students from wealthy affiliate have 2 sites they come up with. Is this for you also true?

    • Hi Johann. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, you get two free sites in WA. These are great for testing content and getting feedback. I will add more pictures. I appeciate your feedback!

  • Make money fast and safe is a great title. We all want ways to maximise extra money coming into our lives. I really like to earning potential that you have there. How many hours of work do I have to put into achieve those sorts of figures? I did not know that there are currently 560 million different products in the world. I knew that there just wasn’t enough time in the day to promote all products, but now I don’t think there is enough time in my whole lifetime to get to all the current products – woah! no wonder I feel exhausted. I was just wondering what your personal reason was for joining Wealthy Affiliate and is the program working out well for you?

    • It is working out well for me! Thank you for asking. My reason: I want to work from home and make a living independent from a 9-5 boss that dictates my hours. I read Millionaire Fast Lane and currently reading Unscripted and this is the life I want.  As far as hours of work per week if you commit daily (I try to commit 2-4 hours/ day) then you will begin to see money coming in…  Think of as a commitment for your life, then it doesn’t seem like work. Let me know if you would like any help or have further questions.

  • Hi,
    Very Nice post for a make money online topic.
    Direct to the point to becoming a Wealthy Affiliate and a very detailed step by step process on how to really make money online .
    Would you only recommend these to beginners or newbies? or even for experienced online marketers who wants to scale up or level up their Business?
    How about for not so” techy ” or not good in computer ?or even not good writers in creating a content?Will this still apply?

    • Thank you, I sincerely appreciate! I would recommend for any person from beginner to experienced. For the beginner it is like getting a college education for the experience it can benefit them by the package- saving them $1,000’s / year. The support is fantastic. It also helps and guides content creation.

  • Wow! You did a great job giving people informations about one of the best affiliate trainigs out there. That is one of the best ways that people can use to start earning online income from their home. So many scams are on the Internet but Wealthy Affiliate can really help anyone who want to start their own online business.

    • Thank you, Daniel! I appreciate your comments very much! I hope to be helpful and engage people to live their life potential to the very fullest! Yes, WA can help peple to earn an online income working from home as it helped me! Once someone gets their first site finished, there are so many ways to scale the potential!

  • Wow! I never thought building online businesses was this fun. Creating a website today and then having it indexed in google within 2 days.

    Boy I am missing out!

    I have been delaying and suspending the idea of joining wealthy affiliate but I sure will join it after this comment and join in on the fun. Thanks for the info.

  • Hello.
    I am also a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate. I love how well you have explained many of the great opportunities we have in this extraordinary community.
    As you mentioned there is always help and training available including the live videos once a week. I personally see this as one of the greatest benefits we have. If you get stuck there is always help.
    Thank you so much

    • Thank you! I agree with the community of WA being one of the largest benefits of the program. There is always help and encouragement. You get to interact with like-minded people that have the same goals! 

  • Very interesting post on the best way to make money online, I have been seeing banners and ads for Wealthy Affiliate but I was not aware it was an affiliate marketing training program. I like the idea you can start for free and even can have two WordPress websites, but I know nothing about website design and in fact I am not so good working my computer so I am not sure I could build my own website even with training


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