Klout Score & Why You Need It

Influence  What is a Klout Score?

To answer this, let me explain what Klout is first. Klout, a six year old company based in San Francisco, uses complicated algorithms (think Google rank) to gauge how much interaction users are getting from their social media posts. The Klout Score measures influence someone has on others through social media and the degree that friends and followers react to one’s posts. A Klout Score is determined by these factors:

-Twitter: Retweets and Mentions.
-Facebook: Comments, Wall Posts, and Likes.
-Google+: Comments and Reshares.
-LinkedIn: Comments and Likes.
-Foursquare: To do’s and Tips.

How You Can Benefit from Klout

Klout helps you create and share content tailored to your audience. It suggests relevant articles your network hasn’t seen yet, and offers scheduling tools that help you start the perfect conversation at the time you choose. Then use your Klout Score to track the impact of this content: It goes up whenever you share content that that your audience likes.

Many companies now use Klout to select job candidates. A strong social media presence is expected of professionals involved in any kind of marketing, PR, writing, politics, communication, or entrepreneurship. Since so much marketing these days is digital, businesses are starting to look for candidates with high Klout scores because it shows that the individual is already very influential on social media. If one has already proven that they can be a mover and a shaker on social media, businesses want those individuals on board to do the same thing for their company.

Klout Perks

Yes, there are more benefits! Perks are exclusive rewards given to content creators. Every day, Klout users receive amazing products, special discounts and VIP access because of their online influence in certain topics. I have received McDonald’s gift cards, a 10lb. bag of dog food, two free bottles of wine (they were in the form of coupons because of Federal Liquor Laws), and a free order of business cards. These are a few of the awesome perks Klout offers!

Average Klout Score

The average Klout Score is 40. Users with a score of 63 are in the top 5% of all users. My score is 61 today. You can look me up here https://klout.com/#/SherryWood – A high Klout score is difficult to build, but it can be achieved!

How to Sign Up with Klout

Visit Klout’s homepage and simply click either the “Sign in with Twitter” or “Log in with Facebook” buttons. Klout currently uses Facebook and Twitter as the base of your account and they’re looking into supporting other social networks as the base of the Klout account for the future.

As of now, you must have a Twitter or Facebook to sign up. You will be asked to authorize Klout’s access to read your social network data and you’ll be presented with the option to add other accounts including Twitter, Google +, and more to Klout. Once you have completed registration with Klout, a Score will generate for you in about 48 hours.

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