How to Start an Online Business

You want to know how to start an online business. Not just start one though, you really want to succeed at working online.

You are willing to commit.

How to Start an Online BusinessLearn how to build this business and scale up to working from home full time without having to go to a job. That job that you dislike enough that you start to think about it on Sunday afternoon dreading your Monday morning. No wonder so many memes are about Mondays!

I was in your shoes. I had researched so much that I was spending over $500 on all sorts of different platforms, from YouTube gurus to ‘self-made’ successes. They seemed to lose interest in ME as soon as they had my money. I was trying and trying to make something stick that I was throwing everything at the wall.

That wall was what I was up against. I wanted to commit to something, a business, that I could start, be coached, build and manage. I wrote them all down on index cards, writing the pros and cons of each one. I went through them all. There was only one that I kept coming back to, it had everything I was looking for to start an online business that I could scale.

How to Start an Online Business

How to Start an Online Business7 things I consider vital for the backbone of an online business.

1. Mentors. You need mentors and guidance for every question that you may have that pops up along the way. Here you will have hundreds of people at every hour of every day that have succeeded at this program and are willing to help you succeed.

2. A decent website name. Do not buy a .net or use dashes in your name to ‘try to make it work’. If it doesn’t work without dashes or worse – underscores – or still worse – using a .net or anything else that is not a .com don’t bother.

3. Fabulous hosting with NO markups. This includes a https:// the ‘s’ is vital!

4. An email address that is not a gmail, yahoo or an AOL. (Yuck!)

5. Keyword Research. This comes with (a FREE version) that is even better than the keyword research tools that you PAY $100’s for using.

6. Training! Don’t underestimate the value of an education. This program is like going to college for less than $50/mo. and you can get started for FREE. Yes, I love the word free.

7. Proof. There are many, many success stories here. Do you know what? They stick around, they help and they mentor YOU. They talk to you, they guide you, they create training on how they achieved ‘the impossible’.

How Much Does it Cost?


That was always my first question. I was mistaking value for cost. As I said, I was spending over $500/month on at least 10 different programs, classes and videos that were not helping me. This one program is doing more that all of them combined and it costs less than $50/month and you can try it out for FREE. I tried it out for free for a week until I committed.

Success Stories

Here are some screen shots from some success stories of people that are making an online income from home.

Weathy Affiliate Success Stories

Try it for FREE

Please, just try it. I want to help YOU find success, as I have and stop wasting your money. Try it as a partnership with your spouse, with your kid, with your best friend.

You will not be disappointed. Try it for FREE.

As you go through the training, while you are building you business, you will come to this chapter. I want to give you a headstart and ask that you answer these questions.

1. Be ready to build content (on your site, at WA, support/comments)
2. Do Keyword Research (it’s my favorite thing!)
3. Video Development (if you plan on doing video- don’t worry if you don’t- but you should as video is becoming the fastest way to rank a site)
4. Site Maintenance and improvements (This is where the guidance and step-by-step tutorials will come in very handy)
5. Creating and Publishing new content on your site (You will be given steps that you should complete in order to go to the next level. There is even a content editor that comes with WA that will prompt your spelling, grammar and construction of your posts.)
6. Managing your social profiles (Yes, you even have guidance here!)
7. Attaining any new education (You are never to old or young to learn something new. Especially if learning fulfills your desire to have an online income.)

Comment below with any questions and I will be happy to answer them for you.

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