How to Build a Website in 2018

How to build a website and rank in the search engines in 2018 is definitely easier than it used to be, it’s not that hard anymore. Gone are the long days of learning code and endless hours of tweaking the codes so they meshed. Here is the easiest and best way to learn how to build a website and get it to rank in the SERP’s.

Begin with Your Idea

Everyone has a great idea! Have you ever saw a new site, product or book and said to yourself, ‘I thought about that’? Now you can begin your great idea!

Pick a Niche that You LOVE

A niche is a product or service that a certain group of people will buy to fix a problem. The key here is to dial in to a specific group that has this one problem.

Women (too large) > Women who just gave birth (better) > Women who just gave birth and want to lose weight (perfect!)

Now you found a market with a problem that you want to help!

Here are some ideas that may help you (don’t let these ideas limit you)…

  • Gardening in (your state)
  • Specific dogs
  • Specific problems for men, women or teens
  • Baby (twins, sleeping patterns, feeding)
  • Men’s grooming

The ideas are endless!

The Platform to Begin Your Idea

This is the easy part. Join this site for free it gives tons of value even if you don’t sign up after the 7 day free trial. If you do the first month is just $19.


Here is a breakdown of what you will get as a free member vs. the paid member (remember the first month is deeply discounted.

Begin Building Your Website!

This is the exciting part! You will begin building an online income by following the easy, ste-by-step training that has helped thousands of people learn and begin earning money while they sleep. Imagine your dreams coming true, leaving your job, working from home, helping your family… it can be a reality!

Click this to begin!

<a href=”″><img src=”” border=”0″ /></a>


I hope to see you here!

Build a website = hard work

Build a website + Achieve high ranking in search engines = Even harder

Build a website + Achieve high rank + Make money = Easy!

I am proof. I have done just that. In 3 days.


I used to agree with this ^

Now, I have proved it wrong. Well, not entirely wrong, it took me three days. Just 3 days to acquire the #1 rank on Yahoo and the #4 rank on Google.

YahooRank1 GoogleRank4


If you are ready, I can do this for you.

I am here to help!

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