30 Day Plan of Action

Every month in an auto dealership is a year. The beginning of the month is set with goals, given a quota to reach and everyone starts out fresh. The previous month is gone, whether it was a good month or a bad month, it isn’t brought up. Everyone is now focused on the next 30 days and how to achieve desired results.

Rome Started with the Laying of One Brick, Then Another...
Rome Started with the Laying of One Brick, Then Another…

Some salespeople develop a plan of action, some sit back and ‘hope’ this month brings better results. There is a board in our dealerships with the sales count on it. It is very visual evidence of which sales people adhere to a plan. The people with a plan are always at the top of the board with sales.

As Marketing Manager, I have taken the 30 day and further broken them down into 10 days each. The first 10 days are developing newsletters, new rebates and general advertising. The second 10 days are gauging where each store is on sales and adjusting revenue accordingly. The third is what I call ‘The 10 Day Push’. If we are behind in sales, I will amp up and go through the CRM pulling 90 day out leases and tailor emails towards specific customers.

Now, all of this can be very fast-paced and sometimes overwhelming. This is why, if months are years in a dealership, it does feel (on some days) that I have been working there for 48 years.

I will with some adjustment, approach WA with the same 30 day plan for myself. This way, I am laying bricks every day, soon, I will have my Rome!

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  • Very nice comparison. The action plan is needed in any case. Every online marketer should have one. You starting article can give some starting points to consider. I could compare it also with the Chinese wall. First, it was needed to start with the single “piece of it”, “the stone, then another, and so forth.

    It is visible from the space.


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