Newsjacking as a Tool

You are at a loss for a blog post or your social media needs a boost, you newsjack.

#DeflateGate #Newsjack
#DeflateGate newsjacking

Here is a description of ‘newsjacking’:  What is Newsjacking definition : The digital marketing glossary : illustrated terms and definitions

What is Newsjacking definition ?

Newsjacking may be defined as the art of using news events or stories for marketing and advertising purposes. The principles are to jump on the back of popular news stories for gaining visibility, media coverage or other benefits (backlinks, viral video views, cheap PPC click-throughs, etc.).

At first, newsjacking was essentially a PR concept but digital media development has brought up many new forms of newsjacking.

Forms and techniques of newsjacking in digital media context are numerous:
- Google News SERPs “squatting”
- hashtag hijacking
- seo for news related queries or search trends
- use of PPC search ads related to news related queries
- infographics
- etc.

Two kinds of news can be used, calendar and predictable news stories and “classic” more or less unpredictable news. Newsjacking related to calendar and predictable news (sport events, calendar celebration, politic agenda,..) may be planned ahead. Newsjacking related to more unpredictable events needs news watching process and reactivity

Newsjacking may be used for news specifically related to a company industry or for more general breaking news.

After you newsjack: Spread it throughout your social networking channels. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In…

There may be some backlash, be prepared. This will also depend on your audience.

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