Best SEO Keyword Research Tool for 2018

Best SEO Keyword Research Tool for 2018

What should a great keyword tool do?

Use THREE main metrics – these are all you should care about – anything else is a waste.

  1. How much competition the keyword has
  2. How much traffic it gets
  3. Does it make sense in English

Why Jaaxy is better than the Google Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Planner rounds up search queries and doesn’t give details into the competition of a keyword. This makes it hard for website content writers and bloggers to find decent topics to write about with low competition.

If you are going to spend your time writing, why not make your return on investment worthwhile? Stop wasting time with any other keyword tool.

Jaaxy takes the data from search engine results and compiles the information into a simple platform that makes finding keywords easy. It is the number one keyword research tool on the market. Keyword research
Below is a screen shot of a keyword search in Jaaxy. Diet is used as the keyword.

1. Shows the keyword ‘diet’ just as it was typed in. It shows 57, 335 average monthly searches with traffic to the site at 9,747 if you have good content. Now the QSR (Quality Search Results) show 181, which is kind of high (the closer to zero, the better) and the SEO competition is at 70 which is not great.

2. Shows a suggestion based on your keyword, in this case ‘diet and nutrition’. It has a good average at 26,393. The QSR is horrible at 378 and the chances of being on the front page with this keyword phrase is very low at a 7.

3. Shows another suggestion of ‘long distance running diet with great SEO at 100, but the average monthly searches are only 32 with a potential 6 visitors coming to your site through the SERPs.

4. We have ‘best diet weight loss’ as a suggestion, almost 6,000 searches per month with almost 1,000 visitors coming to your site if you choose this topic for a blog post or domain content. The QSR is under 100 which is great and the SEO potential is great at 90.


Best Keyword Research Tool

You can see how these results are valuable! On the right side of the table they give you suggestions based off your keyword and also a tab for brainstorming. You could do enough research in here for many websites!

If you are a web designer and design or take care of multiple sites, you can run this for clients to show them ideas which in turn will generate more revenue for you!

You can search multiple ways

    • Keywords
    • Alphabet Soup (Research method)
    • Saved Lists (It saves your lists!)
    • Search History (Monitor your rank daily!)
    • Search Analysis
    • Brainstorm (Search by Trends!)

Search by Trends! (Brainstorming tab)

Jaaxy incorporates metrics for the following (4) sources and ranks the top trends on a daily basis.

    • Google Trends
    • Alexa Topics
    • Amazon Best Sellers
    • Twitter Trends

This is invaluable when writing timely blogs and it can help rank your content faster! You can also save your ideas in a Brainstorming Queue, so you don’t have to try to remember that great idea you had last week

Save Your Searches!

It gives your site rank with a snapshot of your site on the page, for the 3 main search engines; Google, Bing & Yahoo.


See the pricing chart below. The Starter Package gives tons of value if you just want to try it first.

Jaaxy price 2018
  • Earning Potential: You can even earn money with the affiliate program!
  • Support: 24 hour excellent help library with video!
  • Skills you need to learn: None

Overall Score: 100

What you need to enroll/get started: Type in your keywords below and try it for yourself

===> Check out Jaaxy here for FREE! <===

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

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